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People Rise Up Radio - Right To Revolt

010 – People Rise Up Radio – Our Right To Revolt Peacefully And Violently

Originally aired 07/15/13 on Occupy the Media Collective


Pension fund divests from fossil-fuel companies calling them “worthless”, Public.Resource.org wins legal challenge to open source and transparency, Chevron wins request to force Microsoft to turn over IP addresses of environmental activists, GOP version of farm bill contains no funding for SNAP (food-stamps), George Zimmerman acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin while Marissa Alexander is sentenced to 20 years for firing warning shot to scare abusive husband who was violating a restraining order, CitiGroup (parent company of #ShittyBank) posts 41% increase in revenue

CounterSpin – (Interview) with Chris Toensing of Middle East Report on Egyptian Coup #AntiCoup



(MUSIC) All You Fascist Bound To Loose – Woody Guthrie


Hamburg, SC. erupts in racial violence, US annexes Hawaii, 14th Amendment overturns Dred Scott ruling and is abused to protect corporate “personhood”, Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior sunk by French military terrorists, (no nukes) W.E. DuBois and William Monroe Trotter spark the Niagara Movement in opposition to Booker T. Washington’s capitulation to white segregationists, striking union miners workers bomb Pinkerton barracks in Couer d’Alene, Idaho, all black community, Mound Bayou, is founded in Mississippi, IWW led Bisby, Arizona strikers deported.


Hands-Off Syria in NYC, Activists in Washington D.C. Stage protest giving thanks to Latin American counties for offering asylum to NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, students end Cooper Union occupation without achieving any of their stated goals, California activists converge at Corcoran State Prison to demand end to solitary confinement and prison hunger-strikers, #Justice4Trayvon protest erupt across the nation.


(SPOKEN PIECE) Bell Hooks on Trayvon Martin killing

(MUSIC) Mississippi Goddam – Nina Simone

SPOKEN WORD – Citizens Hear My Call by Ehso


KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – Jury Nullification


SPOKEN WORD – Pre-Revolt by J Rey


INTERVIEW – Exploring our historical roots and legal rights to revolt – peacefully and violently in the face of corporate power and the 1% oligarchy with Mike Feder especially as declared in the Declaration of Independence http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html

DISCUSSION – Stripping the power of #RiotShaming and #PeacePolicing that quells resistance. The system is inherently violent, why must we remain “non-violent”? How negotiating with the system validates the system’s right to exist. FUCK THAT SHIT!!!


People Rise Up Radio

009 – People Rise Up Radio – Misogyny Isn’t Revolutionary

Originally aired 07/08/13

Show Notes:

CIA embeds with NYPD performs surveillance of US citizens, San Diego Bank of America chalkupy verdict, 12 year old girl barred from football team due to concerns boys might want to have impure thoughts about her, Tribune purchase further consolidates nation’s media outlets, CitiGroup to pay over $900 million to Fannie Mae to settle fraud case, US bugs diplomatic missions of EU members, Red Hack clears everyone’s utility bills in Istanbul, Turkey, direct-action gets the goods as Brazil’s government votes to direct 100% of country’s energy revenues to health care and education in response to widespread protests.

CounterSpin – 60 Minutes conducts softball interview with former deputy-director of the NSA on why American’s shouldn’t be concerned about NSA spying, NPR is concerned not enough balance in coverage of gay marriage debate, Time magazine fawns over pro-nuke “documentary” Pandora’s Promise, “fake” news and late night comedy gives more coverage of climate change speech than Sunday news shows and all evening news combined, NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman re-writes Tea Party and Occupy history. http://fair.org/

People’s History – Supreme Court hears first case dealing with the slave trade, #FortHood3 reject their embarkment orders to Vietnam, New Orleans street car workers strike and the birth of the Po’ Boy sandwich, Tecumseh calls on all Native American nations to unite in the resistance of the takeover of their lands by white settlers, Africans on the Cuban schooner Armistad rise up against their captors, silk workers in New Jersey strike for a work week of only 11 hours a day and six days a week, abolitionist rally to protest the Fugitive Slave Act, Frederick Douglas delivers speech questioning 4th of July celebrations, Mary Harris aka Mother Jones begins march to publicize the cruelty of child labor.

Lee Camp – The War On Women

Excerpt – Riot Grrrl Manifesto
Shimaa from Tahrir Square – From An Egyptian To The World: Understanding Egypt
Spoken word – Embarrassed by Hollie McNish
Manarchist Song by Jakery Feldman
Misogyny Isn’t Revolutionary

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