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Reformist proving they don't know jack shit about Occupy. #OWS #OccupyWallSt

After Party USA

 So OccupyWallStNYC announced via Twitter today that some “Occupy activists” were launching a new political party.
AfterPartyUSA = from a bunch of people who don't understand the first thing about Occupy
AfterPartyUSA = from a bunch of people who don’t understand the first thing about Occupy

What these “occupy” activists do not understand about Occupy supporting no candidates or political parties is completely beyond me, but I am beginning to think these types of people are simply people who have run out of ideas – yet their self-esteem is so fragile their egos won’t allow them to just listen and maybe even “follow” for a little while.  Perhaps they believe that since they have labeled their party as “populist”  it’s okay to go ahead and use the Occupy name and speak for all the other occupiers out there around the world?

And what the fuck is up with the OccupyWallStNYC Twitter? Who died and made them King & Queen of the prom? You would think they would know better? Which they most very likely do, which means they decided that they know what is best for everyone and decided  they had a right to speak for everyone – cuz they’re just so goddamn fucking special.

Statement Of Autonomy passed by OWS General Assembly 11/10/11
Statement Of Autonomy passed by OWS General Assembly 11/10/11


(Our annoyance with yet another random group of assholes using the Occupy name to push yet another decidedly un-Occupy  PR campaign will have to sit and stew for a while.)

Low and behold – this new political party, with the zippy name of After Party USA, falls neatly in line  with the same kind of empty threat, hollow buzzword campaign we have seen being pushed upon everyone by disciples of the Einstein Institute and the reformists that made up the Freedom Plaza camp of Occupy Washington DC. In other words, the Democratic Party and the unions.

This new party also falls neatly in line with a disturbing trend seen at actions from coast to coast… Activists who can’t wait to leave the action for the after action after party. In other words, people who come out so they can go to a party and get free booze and weed.  A new form of paid “activists”.  Waiting around for actual change is just not satisfying enough for these ADHD activist – nope they’ve got to get their rocks off now. Plus, only the cool activists are invited to the after party, so if you’re going… You MUST be cool, right? I say fuck them and fuck #AfterPartyUSA