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Hear where it all began.  Our first show was live on www.woodyradio.com.  Speaking and engineering live was quite a challenge and it shows! Listen to our first show – warts and all.


As contributors to Occupy media teams we knew there was not only a need, but a real hunger for accurate news and information. Our main question was what could we bring that wasn’t already out there?

There weren’t any shows that really spoke to the “boots on the ground” and “OUR STREETS!” kind of in the streets activists. We wanted to produce a show that spoke to the in  the streets activists, that provided them with not just news and information, but also provided them with sustenance in the way of music, poetry, and comedy to keep their spirits strong.


That’s why, on People Rise Up Radio, you will hear from people actually taking action in the streets and information that helps you get involved in your own community.

Our informational segments include:

  • The People’s History – Learn the history that system doesn’t want you to know.
  • This Week In The People’s Uprising – Find out who took to the streets the past week and why.
  • Next Week In The People’s Uprising – Find out how you can get involved next week. (Presently North America only)
  • Prisoner Solidarity – Not counting victims of the drug war, the United States is currently holding hundreds of political prisoners. Find out how you can help by getting involved with a prisoner’s support network or simply sending the prisoner a letter.


But you don’t have to be a hardened #ACAB Blackbloc soldier to listen to People Rise Up Radio. Much of our show has been modeled after many of the shows, like This American Life, you will find on NPR. We just have a lot more swearing and louder music. And if you have any questions – we are always available via our social media and email. Simply click on the appropriate button to the left to reach us via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, iTunes or email.


Our first episode aired live on www.woodyradio.com on May 3rd, 2013. It was to be not just our first, but last and only episode to be broadcasts by www.woodyradio.com. Find out why by going to and listening to our Second Episode linked below.


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