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Welcome to People Rise Up Radio

We were fed up with corporatocracy, then met as Occupy participants and this is a collective media platform that we share to continue the fight together. Our aim is to boost media signals for resistance of all kinds. We’re especially fond of the direct action types! Due to our desire not to detract or distract from the people and actions featured within our on-air and online media, we’ve always produced/existed anonymously.

We’re firm believers in Open Sourcing knowledge and we regularly share a wide variety of free educational resources and opportunities. We favor skill sharing and other forms of immersive or participatory learning. Here is a short-list sampling of the types of info we enjoy exploring and dropping:
#PeoplesHistory #PoliceState
#Indigenous Existence
#Queering Everything #SmashPatriarchy
#Anarchy #ResistsnceCulture
#TheArts -as they’re intended to be, ignited!

Emma Goldman said, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want your revolution!”
But we would say that if we can’t also paint, sculpt, joke and sing, then there isn’t any revolution to begin with!

We welcome contributions, suggestions and critiques with open arms. The hosts of #PRUradio also operate this website, as well as all contact and social media accounts. Hopefully this arrangement fulfills your accessibility needs; but if not, we want to hear about it. We also want to hear about anything else we can do to be of better service through media, especially to marginalized communities.

In Struggle & Solidarity,
the people of People Rise Up Radio

To navigate – click on any of the three featured posts up at the top or use the Menu. If on a mobile device use the menu icon (three straight lines) up to the right. Yeah – wordpress sucks. We’re sick of fucking around with it so please be patient until we can build it better. Thanks

And just so you know… we’re not interested in collecting our users info or emails. Once we find a plug in that will allow people to comment without collecting that shit or selling it off to a third-party we have no fucking idea who they are – then we will add a comment plug-in. If you have a suggestion for such a plug-in – you can write us at peopleriseupradio[[@]]gmail[[.]]com or leave us a voice message at 8169-RISE-UP

In the meantime, please share our media with your friends, host a discussion about it, in whichever space you think could use it. Feel free to tag PRUradio when you share on social media if you would like us to join in too!


4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I am interested in meetings around Dallas where discussions are held regarding the damaging social and environmental impact of capitalism.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      You can reach out to either Occupy Dallas or the North Texas Light Brigade via their Facebook pages. Occupy Austin is also still very much active.
      Other groups would be RiseUpTX, Unruly Mob, and GetEqualTX.

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